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Tuesday, June 19th, 10:44AM Vancouver time

The plane trip back was as cramped as the way there. This time though, I actually managed to sleep for a great part of the flight. I was in the middle of typing this journal and I practically fell asleep while I was typing.The flight was uneventful though, and I got home safe and sound.

Now that I’m back, I’m wondering how I’ll feel tomorrow when I don’t go to the lab and instead I go to work. I think I’ll probably go through "dolphin deprivation" for a while, but hopefully it’ll wear off eventually.

I still can’t believe I’m back though. The two weeks went by SO fast, I can barely even remember what I did in all that time. I suppose that’s why I wrote this journal, so I won’t forget. How can I forget? This has been the greatest experience of my life! It’s almost impossible to put into words just how I feel now. I’m trying to, but it just comes out like a great feeling of accomplishment, of wonder, of amazement, and of joy. I KNOW I’ll be back someday, and I sincerely hope that time comes soon.

Until then, I have 8 and a half hours of video to watch and 270 pictures to look at…. =)

KBMML Staff The Participants
All the participants: From back left, Stephanie, Steve, Colin, Jane, Zelecia, Katie, Me (Rob), and from bottom left Rima and Jon (click for bigger picture)
Here are some of the staff, volunteers, and interns who ensured my stay as great as it was. THANK YOU! (click for bigger picture)
Akeakamai Phoenix

I've never seen an animal so smart and so energetic. You were a blast to be with!


You're the bubble ring queen!


I doubt I'll ever meet an animal with more of a personnality than you, Ellie. I loved playing with you!


Calm, relaxed, and three ladies all to yourself... you're one unique guy Hiapo!


(Pardon the pun...)

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