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I took over 8 and a half hours of video while I was at The Dolphin Institute the first year I was there, and I've put a few clips up here on this page. In the future, I hope to have a great deal of other footage up as well, including some of my footage from the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre.

Please note you need Quicktime installed for these movies to play properly. You can download the Quicktime installer here.

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Ellie Being a Brat Elele and Hiapo Saying Hi
Ellie Being a Brat

2.7MB Quicktime video

Video of when Elele wouldn't give back the ball that I gave her mistakenly. Click on this link to read about it in my journal.

Elele and Hiapo Saying Hi

1.4MB Quicktime video

While I was taking this video, I was doing nothing at the side of the tank and Elele and Hiapo came over to say hi... Elele did that a number of times during my time at TDI.


1.4MB Quicktime video

Here's a quick clip of Akeakamai imitating me. Dolphins are famous imitators, and will interpret almost everything you do, including waving your feet! Guess what they wave instead!

Havin fun with Akeakamai

4.2MB Quicktime video

I took a bunch of clips of my last time working with Akeakamai and put them into this 1 minute clip. It is SO much fun working with her... watch the clip and you'll see what I mean... =)

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