Dolphin Sketches

What should a student like myself do when they find themselves falling asleep in class? Draw dolphins of course! This page contains some of the doodles and sketches I made in class to keep me awake, and a few others I made just for the fun of it.

For some reason, even though I can't draw worth beans, I seem to be able to draw dolphins relatively decently. I sorted the images in the order in which they were drawn. Feel free to email me to make fun of my lacking art skills!

You may use these sketches for personal or school use, but please contact me about other uses. Please, do not use them on a website.

A dolphin artist persuing her craft
A backflippping dolphin attempting to grab a ball. This was a simple in-class sketch with no visual references.
I think I got everything on this sketch the way I wanted except the fish! I didn't have any references, and I'd never drawn a fish like that before.. oh well!
This one shows a dolphin slapping it's tail on the water , as they seem to enjoy doing from time to time. I guess it can get a little hard to itch back there, so this probably makes a good substitute!
This was done in class on the back of my notes. I wish I had a pencil at the time!
This sketch was a request from Malina to sketch Akeakamai and Phoenix jumping together.

It was the first time I'd tried to draw any particular dolphin so that the sketch actually looked like them. I think I succeeded!

I drew this one in class, took me about 2 hours, then added colour using textures from various photographs. I spent WAY too long on it, and no, i didn't just outline a photo. In fact, I did this entirely from memory. Here's the original without colour.

The sketch shows Phoenix playing a game with someone using her favorite toy... a boat buoy with a strap.

This is a hand sketch I did as a request. The dolphins are supposed to be making the shape of a heart, although I suppose it's more of a circle.

I liked the idea of three young dolphins finding a ball and playing with it.. so I drew it!

I drew this one remembering how the dolphins at TDI will greet you at times - by waving their pec fin as if waving to you. This was never trained, but was something they picked up on.

This was another class doodle with no reference. I must have erased that pec fin 20 times before I settled on that one...

This is another class sketch that turned into a lot more. I like how photoshop makes these images look, so I"m done with shading for now =)

This one came to me in memory of Elele, and her amazing basketball talents.

This one I did as a theoretical if a hybrid of a bottlenose dolphin and killer whale were possible. I don't really like how it came out though.

Heck, a false killer whale and a bottlenose dolphin did it! Maybe it's happened?

This was a VERY late night inspiration about a dolphin calf and it's mother. I still smile when I see it...
Here's another in-class drawing... no real reasoning here.. just liked the thought of two dolphins backflipping together...
This was a late late night inspiration. 100% from memory, except for the hand.. which I modeled after my own since I can't draw hands at all =)

It was trying to provey my desire to "reach out and touch" a dolphin.

This was based on one of my pictures I took of Akeakamai doing a hand touch to me in the tower at the Dolphin Institute. It was a quick class sketch that I never really got to look the way I wanted.
Here's an example of too much time, too few pencils... Pen is so unforgiving... notice the dolphin with the twisted neck...
Some of you will recognise this pose. I asked my friend what I should try drawing, and he suggested a picture resembling this. I realised afterwards that some other people had already dones some sketches of this picture. I like how mine turned out though!

Flip Nicklin deserves credit for the original photograph.

I'm particularly proud of this one. I got the idea from a picture, but it's mostly from memory. I've since done some colouring on it, which you can see at the link below
I quite like this one. Based on one of my pictures of Akeakamai doing some kind of crazy jump that she's famous for.
This one was also based on a picture of mine of Phoenix. The original is in my 2nd picture page actually. It was my first time drawing the inside of a dolphin's mouth.
I sketched this one from a picture I took at the dolphin institute, and considering how well it turned out, I decided to use pictures as references from now on until I had the proportions and subtlties figured out. Drawing a dolphin is easy.. drawing them so their head looks proportionate to their body isn't so easy...

I also decided to start using blank paper from now on. You can see my notes on the other side of this drawing.

This one took me two classes to finish... It was my first real closeup shot. Once again, from memory
This was the first real dolphin drawing I made. It was done 100% from memory

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